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Hello Friends

We had a wonderful time at both fundraising events we attended this summer - Chaldon Village Fete and Quality Street Fair.

The weather was kind to us for both of them and the wonderful team did their usual magnificent work, more news is next, while the gift boxes hint at what else you’ll find if you keep reading.

The wonderful Chaldon Village Fete arrived back in action with a fabulously successful day, re-launching as a traditional, family friendly fete. It was very well supported with visitors, and many commented on the marvellous atmosphere and excellent organisation. We had a tombola on our stall, and our brilliant volunteer team also helped by running a couple of  other fete tombola stalls - thank you all.

The day was very enjoyable but also a great success in raising funds for local good causes and we benefitted by a generous £510 which is an amazing help that is very much appreciated. Further to that, specific requests are also    considered and my appeal for extra funding to hire a skip, was also generously approved.

We had another amazing day with our stall of donated, pre-loved pet items at Quality Street Fair in Merstham, and were thrilled and astounded at their incredible donation of £1900, which is hugely helpful and appreciated with winter costs ahead.

It was a pleasure to catch up with our patron Peter Egan, and he spoke a few words of support, transcribed below.

Hi everyone, it's really great to be here today and it’s wonderful to see so many people, it's a fantastic village and I’m delighted to be here. My main reason for being here apart from being a judge ( dog show ), is that I am a patron for the most wonderful animal sanctuary Chaldon Animal Sanctuary , who have a stall just down there. I really, really admire the work that Liz does - I’m her patron. She rescues dogs and gives them a home for life, and they are all very difficult dogs that would not be rehomed in other circumstances. I’ve taken many dogs to her and on one occasion as I found out - she's a bit of a dog whisperer in many ways. I saw how remarkable she was, when I took this very very frightened dog, that had eyes that were out on pins and within half an hour of Liz’s company, I saw this dog's eyes relax in the most remarkable way - it was really really touching and I thought - I want to be a patron for this sanctuary, for Liz, because this dog has now found the most wonderful home. If you'd like to know more about Liz and her work, do visit her stand for all the information, and also any donations you’d like to give, I’m sure she’d be very happy to receive.

The amount of work that goes into organising these events is massive, and my heartfelt thanks go to all involved and for the support we have received.


A friend sent me this great card with the words inside “Thought this illustrates life in a sanctuary” - to which I wholeheartedly agree !

The other side of life here of course, is the great joy when you get the first tail wag, eye contact or purr from someone who arrived too scared of humans to be able to interact safely and happily.

Looking around the lounge now as I work on this article, there are snoozing, relaxed dogs and cats sprawled around ( or on ) me, while at bedtime, I know the view will be replicated in my bedroom after the day’s fun and work is done.


 Picture quiz - fact or fiction ?


( uncredited from internet )      

 Answer lower down

Obviously the sanctuary home is for all of us and we all share - this is what I loosely call “my armchair” - Wizard keeping it warm for me !

The view over my shoulder on the back cushion is the favoured spot for Dinky, and it conveniently puts him at the right height to see out the front window to bark at the postman - not helpful as others join in !


Jovi will also spread across the other end of the headrest or tucks down the side of me, a big cuddlelump of a lad.


Rosa is tucked down the side of me with Jeeves thankfully not being a lapdog, but happy to just be nearby.


Picture quiz: FACT

This was one early morning when I had gone back to “my” (our) bed with a cuppa - from the bottom of the bed - Maddie, Ruby, Jovi, Mason and Pandy.

Lastly Ruby, spreading out to bag her spot while waiting for me to join her at bedtime.


A simple cat tunnel is being enjoyed, though how Katie manages to look so crumpled in it I don’t know - she’s not the epitome of an elegant cat though !

She did manage better in the next photo, and Jovi & Cinders posed perfectly.


Ruby found a little spot to watch the world go by and Jovi squeezed into a box that was not really his size, as cats do !


Bevy of beauties or resident rogues !






Zeena, Taxi   


Fagin, Wizard    

Boo, Cinders, Katie    


Toto, Rosa



 Jeeves, Nikki    


The difference cropping a photo makes - same photo but first the wider view where it is hard to discern what you’re supposed to be able to see …...                                

… or crop the background and some nettles, and have the focus on the dogs, heading indoors before the heat of the day.


Likewise, look again if you’re wondering why there is a photo of just begonias - -

 - - - ahhhh, now you see shy Toto cat !


A photo that tells its own story, as in spite of having live catch traps and blocked access points, we obviously had a guest. I re-positioned one of the traps and to my relief and the cats dismay, a few hours later the trap was occupied and the vole was safely released out the front away from cats. 


Did you spot four or five cats looking hopeful by the way - look again if you only saw four !    

You need to look twice to work out the view due to the angle, taken from above as Cinders & Boo slept head to head, above a radiator shelf, and didn’t wake as I took the photo.


I don’t know the answer but even so, did ask Jovi “why?” when I saw him sitting with his paw in a water bowl but he didn’t tell me !

I didn’t waste my breath asking Taxi about the “snow-storm” of the stuffing around her - she does love a good toy and enjoyed herself.

Maddie deciding which ‘Goldilock bear’ she is, as she surveys the four heights of dog  water bowls.         


I’m pleased to say that Popo did not find her cobweb accessories indoors but had just come from under a shed outside !


Three boys sitting pretty - Crusoe, Wizard and Jeeves.

And Rosa being the original foot warmer by sitting on them.

As you know, I enjoy taking photos, both for myself and to share with you in the newsletters. When taking photos of our furry friends, it is often a case of take three or four but only one is any good with the pet in shot, in focus etc. However, just sometimes I take a few photos and can’t decide which one to use and as you can see from the following group of pictures. Fagin & Nikki thought I should give them a titbit on our walk up the field so were both sitting very prettily, in hope - with various others drifting in and out of shot as the pair of them tried various cute expressions !

Tongue in or tongue out - I couldn’t choose so here are both !


Taxi & Bumble join the photoshoot as Nikki looks down, so try again and gain collies ( Zeena & Jeeves ) and lose Bumble !



A long time ago ( approx. 25 years ) our friend Phil and his mate, fitted us a small air con unit in the lounge from a legacy we’d received. It has been a literal life saver for the dogs in particular, on those dangerously hot days of high temperatures. We did go up to 39.9 C ( 103 F ) this summer but here you can see the difference the air con made - indoor temp on left - outside temp on right.

Although it’s cooler indoors, the cats prefer to be outside, and vanish into the woods for the day. By teatime, this was the view out of the kitchen window on a hot day as Sparkle, Pandy, Boo, Cinders and Katie have found a cool spot by the back door, while Suza, Sunrise & Twiggy are on dry grass in the shade.


First time I’ve had sunflowers here ( thanks to Andrew & Jacqueline ) and what a bright, cheerful display they were - and much appreciated by the various wild birds helping themselves to the seeds, which was the point of planting them.


As you know, I try to use part of any legacies we’re fortunate enough to receive, towards improvements and future proofing here. As we head into winter, I decided to re-open the unused fireplace as though it made sense it’s something I’d avoided due to the perceived work needed. The modern, eco friendly stoves of nowadays are not like the Victorian fire I grew up with however, and there is now a log burner installed. This will help to reduce our heating costs hugely and be mostly fuelled by the wood on the property ( though have put logs etc on our wish list as backups please while building a store of seasoned wood ).

The stove has only been in use the last week as I write this, and it’s fascinating watching the animals getting used to it, and they and I are delighted with the addition.

Our Amazon Wish List continues to be popular I’m delighted to say, and I thank everyone who helps the animals this way ( including the gift cards ) as they are often anonymous donations but are very much appreciated.

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Each of the last three quarters, Easyfundraising has raised over £70 so the total since January 2021, is now an incredible £536.33 which is amazing and at no extra cost to those who use it, thank you.

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Likewise, financial donations are often anonymous or no acknowledgement required, and all are greeted with much gratitude, as are the regular standing orders or one off donations.

Although we don’t yet know how the funds raised may be affected, we are still collecting used stamps for the time being, thank you.

Small words but thank you is all I can offer, along with the photos and news I send. You make the sanctuary continuing possible, so that together we do make a difference for the furry residents who arrive in such desperate need of the peace they find here.


With enormous gratitude and purrs and woofs from all of us,

Liz & Furries