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For the amazing total raised by you for our 30 yr celebration, keep reading - - -

I’m trying to find the words to write about our celebration fundraiser but for once, find myself almost speechless as I am trying to formulate my feelings into words.

I thought you would be as supportive as you always are - it’s why the sanctuary is still helping animals in need, 30 years after Jacky & I started, however I was unprepared for what actually happened.

You didn’t just send a couple of pounds plus a donation for your anniversary card and prize draw entry, but wrote lovely notes, letters and cards with words of congratulations plus wonderful memories of when and how you heard of the sanctuary and became part of the Chaldon family - it was humbling, thrilling and amazing.

 You reminisced about Jacky, our earlier years and the changes here, and long gone pets still remembered by not only me, plus what we have all shared together over the years.

You congratulated and encouraged me in a way I wasn’t expecting as I “just do what I do”. I’ve always said that I’m the lucky one to do what my heart requires by helping those who come to the sanctuary - and that’s because of all of you, each and every pound that you send literally helps the animals.

You also supported the fundraiser incredibly and I’m beyond excited to reveal the GRAND total - -


I’ve said it before and will say it again ( two thousand two hundred and forty five times ! ) - - thank you are small words but filled with HUGE gratitude.

 Nikki & Jovi agree. 

   The prize draw results and photos are near the end of the newsletter.


There wasn’t a plan beforehand of what to use the funds on, as there was no way of knowing what would be raised, but I never for a moment considered it would be such an amazing amount,

Fencing is an important part of the sanctuary naturally and it’s ongoing to keep them from being overgrown and maintaining them securely, but they needed more structural work, repairs and replacements, especially as a few cats ( yes Twiggy, Boo & Dilly, I do mean you ! ) were finding their way out of our almost cat proof perimeter fencing. The safety of the cats if they wander off our property has been one of my concerns this year, plus the occasional fox from outside the boundary creating a hole and coming in for a look around the field didn’t help !


Now with your generosity for the 30 yr celebration and as you can see from the photos below, Andrew has begun working his way around the property, repairing and renewing the fencing instead of the usual patching up. This benefits both the cats and dogs - the cats still have our three acres of safe land to explore and freely roam, though not sure the dogs will appreciate the lack of smelly fox poo to roll in if a fox had visited !

This is the same fence line before and after !


New neighbours moved in which the dogs have found unsettling as in places, they could see over another fence.

This product of artificial conifer ‘fence on a roll’  looks reasonable from both sides, so we now have an effective visibility screen where needed.

This has helped the dogs, with the added bonus, that the cats are unable to climb over it !

What is the saying about something being as easy as herding cats !


There are lots of beds in the sanctuary naturally as well as hidey spots and grass outside - so why chose a concrete step or a plastic box !

Twiggy              Boo, Cinders & Katy 

That’s more like it Mason              Tootsie plus Jasper & Suza   

Snoozing dogs too - Pique, Taxi, Rosa, Jeeves & Bumble


The floor sleeping makes sense when that is where the sun is - - -

Jeeves, Rosa & Wizard



 As you know, I like a Freecycle find and during the summer, I was lucky enough to get some large clumps of lemon balm. Some was planted out the front of the property for the wildlife to enjoy, and the rest went in to the field for the dogs and as Wizard shows, they approve.

One warm day ( we had the odd one this summer ), I counted dogs disappearing into the shade of a tree though none were visible.

<< How many dogs were in the tree ?

“I’m going this way, you 4 coming?”

Heidi, Jeeves, Taxi & Nikki 

I walked down to the tool shed one day, and when I came out, had to navigate the five snoozing felines who were pretending they hadn’t come to see what I was doing !




Tootsie, Juliette, Sparkle, Katie & Jovi  


Buttercup beauties

Heidi  Rosa  Taxi

Nikki   Fagin   Bumble

Jeeves   Crusoe & Bumble

Potted & posing pussies

Juliette   Cinders   Mason & Jovi

Sparkle   Jovi   Ruby

Katie   Tootsie


The 30 yr celebration has been such an amazing success with less organising, physical effort, more profit, not weather dependant and you don’t have to live locally to join in unlike the Summer Carnival Fete.  Although we have attended the Fete the last few years it is incredibly demanding, therefore I’m wondering about an annual sanctuary summer fundraiser instead. I’ve not planned the exact details yet but run via the newsletter again - perhaps with a photo card but not the prize draw, and wondered if it’s something you’d like?

This year’s photo artwork cards with Sparkle, Maple, Nikki & Trubshaw, are still available at just £2 which includes postage, and you can buy multiples.

Click HERE to buy


Ruby, Taxi, Popo, Wizard


It all started years ago with an e-mail about a little dog in dire need - and ended with running a marathon ! No, not me for goodness sake, my idea of a marathon is the chocolate sort now called snickers !

The dog was dear Zora who then happily lived out her days here - our friend who ran in her memory and to support our work was Carmen. This was Carmen’s first marathon back in October, finishing after 4 hrs 25 mins of sheer effort and determination, raising a magnificent £860 for our furry family - huge thank you Carmen and all who supported her.


I was updating our Amazon wish list, which thanks to so many of you, is an ongoing joy to do. An odd sound caught my attention - - “crunch, crackle” and the source was Rosa with one of the toys that had come from the list. It’s bigger than her head but she loves it, as does Taxi who thought it needed to “go for a walk” and took it up the field, plus Heidi taking another toy up the field last winter.


I try to put an interesting mix of items and prices on the wish list - thank you to all those who use it ( some are anonymous ) as they are all appreciated gifts for the furries and the running of the sanctuary.

 Click logo to go to page

I know as fellow pet lovers that you’ll understand me groaning when one wet, rainy bedtime, there was a damp circular patch where a cat had curled up on my bed to dry off. I simply whipped off the picnic blanket ( from the wish list ) and put the spare one on before falling into bed. This is the reality of living with our furry friends but more importantly, the real difference your donations or buying items from our Amazon wish list makes in a practical way - thank you.

Here’s Jeeves perhaps on “look-out duty” for the next Amazon delivery !

Also many thanks to those who signed up and use Easyfundraising ( at no cost to you or us ). We are paid quarterly and you have raised over £150 so far this year. It proves yet again, how little steps truly do all add up, so to anyone thinking “ it’s only 3p from my purchase”, but joined together and look what you are all part of achieving - thank you so much.

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As we know, if cats fit in a box, they sit in it - Katie & Ruby, with Mason king of the pile of towels I put down for a moment to answer the phone.


 Andrew put his hat down for a moment and Jovi tried it for size !

Katie again but a very unusual view - she’s upside down in the igloo bed.  

I said “hello” and she turned and poked her tongue out !  

Talking of tongues - - -

   ….here’s Rosa & Taxi too.



There were over 50 card entries to the draw, so I numbered dogs balls, and put them in the cat shaped bed as a way of keeping an animal theme. Although Katie investigated, she wouldn’t assist by pawing balls out, so sat and adjudicated instead.


Andrew stirred and picked the winning balls.


We had a wonderful mixture of items and cash kindly donated as prizes - - here are some of them.

Then with Jeeves, Wizard & Taxi in the background playing as we worked, and with the invaluable help of a friend, the prizes were transformed into this pile ready to be posted ( full list of winners below ).

Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all of you for making it such a success by being a part of the ‘fun’draising.

Mr.B. of Caterham; Mrs.S of Croydon; Mrs P of Horsham; Mrs.F of Waddon; Ms.D of Caterham; Mrs.B of Southend; Mrs W of Purley; Mr.K of London; Mrs.L of Filey; Mrs.F of Weston; Mrs W of Grays; Mrs.H of Ramsgate; Mrs.B of    Gillingham; Mrs.C of Warlingham; Mrs.B of Rye; Mrs.J of Croydon; Mrs.H of Norwood; Mrs.P of Caterham; Mr.H of Croydon; Mrs.M of Merstham; Mrs.G of London; Miss.P of Oxted; Mrs.O of Sutton; Mrs.H of London; Mrs.H of Weston; Mrs.B of Redhill; Mrs.P of Saltash; Mrs.B of Caterham; Mrs.B of Halesowen; Mrs.S of Runcorn

Chaldon Animal Sanctuary

Making a difference for 30 years

1991 - 2021

We all know every little helps and it honestly does, it is all of you together, who make it possible for the sanctuary to continue. I know I always say it ( because it’s true ) but you do make a difference.

I know what the sanctuary ( by extension - me ) does is only the tiniest tip of a very large iceberg of animal misery in this world, but all of us together, like the starfish story -

we make a difference for this one.

You can’t change a cat or dog’s past,

but you can rewrite their future.

This is very much what I believe and it is because of all of you, that we do give a future to our residents and have done for 30 years, as we will continue to do into the future with your help.


With enormous gratitude and purrs and woofs from all of us,

Liz & Furries