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February 2011.

Dear Friend of our sanctuary,

This is to let you know the very sad news that Jacky ( co-founder ) peacefully passed away on 9th Feb after a couple of days in hospital.

As you are aware, her health had been a problem for some while and gradually, Jacky came to realise it wasn’t going to improve which she found very hard to accept being an independent person who didn’t like to accept help, even when freely offered. This winter was a struggle for her, partly from her breathing problems but also pain and lack of mobility, and her greatest joy had been walking her dogs which she was barely able to do and that pained her greatly.

When Jacky & I chatted about the future after she’d gone, she made it quite clear that she expected me to continue. Chaldon Animal Sanctuary to me has always been US, born from both our ideals and beliefs which were so similar and I felt it couldn’t go on as just me...she strongly disagreed and told me so in no uncertain terms !!...that memory makes me smile through the tears.

Jacky was against having a funeral service but I realised people may wish to celebrate and remember her, so we had an informal gathering as a celebration of her life & a chance to say goodbye. Also it was suggested on 29th March ( the day we moved here ), that people would perhaps plant a bulb or flowering plant in your garden / local park etc.

She loved flowers ( daffodils her favourite ) but didn’t like the "waste" of money of them at funerals and was always particularly touched when we received donations from others who felt the same way. In due course I hope to think of a little "something" in her memory but the biggest one will be from the continuation of our sanctuary to be her living legacy.

Jacky, you left the world a better place for you being in it, touched more lives ( human & animal ) than you ever believed and although gone in person, will never go from our hearts.

If you wish to write with your memories of Jacky, I would love to receive them for my memory book.

The first time of signing as a heartfelt thanks for supporting the sanctuary and giving Jacky such joy in what we did and our way of life.


Saving one pets life won’t change the world... but it will make a world of difference to that one pet.

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